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Lawn Aerator Rental

When your lawn is growing irregularly, or you have patches of dead grass, your problem is probably from a lack of aeration. Before you invest in a lawn aerator rental, you should check on your lawn's below-ground condition. To do this, dig a small hole and bring up a chunk of turf. Flip it over. If your grass roots are growing less than two inches into the soil, it's time for to aerate your lawn.

Identify your species of grass and check to see whether it is a warm-weather or cool-weather grass. Warm-weather grasses should be aerated in late spring or early summer only, while cool-weather grasses should wait until late summer or early fall for the best results.

For the average person, the cost of a proper, machine powered, core-drilling lawn aerator is simply beyond the family budget. However, many landscaping firms and hardware stores have these high-quality machines available for rent. You will more than likely end up paying by the hour for this rental, so it's important to get the right machine for your job and to be ready to use it once you get it home.

When you go to rent your lawn aerator, you need to know what you are looking for. There are two ways that a lawn aerator can be powered: manual, or machine. The manual varieties are normally light-weight. Machine powered lawn aerators have motors and are usually quite heavy. When you are going to aerate your lawn, you will find that the lawn aerator rental with the bulk and power of the motor will get the job done in the fastest, and most efficient, way possible.

lawn aerator rental

The machine powered lawn aerator depends on the weight of the machine and the heft of the motor to drive the tongs deep into the ground. The entire point of aerating your lawn is to create holes that will let as much oxygen and water in as possible. As for the types of machines, there are two additional categories: spikes, and cores / plugs. The spiked approach cuts slashes into the soil that look good now, but tend to close up the first time the lawn gets wet. The core / plug variety of lawn aerator will actually pull cores out of the soil and drop them on the surface. These deep holes don't have a chance to heal when water is applied, letting oxygen into your lawn for a long time to come.

Before you arrange for your lawn aerator rental, you need to prepare your lawn for the process. For at least two days ahead of time, water your lawn thoroughly. Carefully remove every item that you can from your lawn, and mark those items that can't be removed like sprinkler system heads. Having all of this completed before you pick up your rental will save you money on this hourly rental system.

After you run your lawn aerator rental, return it to the store promptly. When you return home, if you find the cores unsightly, you may collect and compost them. If you leave them, they will break down in a couple of weeks on their own. Take the time to plant new grass seed shortly after the aeration process, and cover the lawn with compost or sand to help complete the process of aerating your lawn.

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